Me and my wife took this puppy in when we found out that he was left on the side of the road and not in a good home. We have 3 dogs ourselves and he gets along nice with each 1 of them! He is such a adorable boy, he loves to give kisses and take naps with us! He is currently able to sit on command and is learning other basic commands. We are also working on crate training him. He plays well wit...


Eric is a smart, adorable, exquisite boy. He is a pure breed GSD. He is black and red - getting lighter everyday. He looks just like his dad. This our third litter and in our previous two we have two service dogs and 1 training as a military dog. (Eric is my husband's favorite dog from all three litters) Mom and dad are our beloved pets. You cant go wrong with this boy. Please contact me for mo...


I have a buff female cocker spaniel available


I have a browm\chocolate female cocker spaniel available.
Strong willed and energetic Pit with a gorgeous white block head. Keno needs someone that will spend time with him and give the affection he needs. His look and expressions are comical as he normally looks confused at the world.


Flower @12months,pink ribbon 3months, navy 6 months -all$10 or $4.00 each